Boss kicks you in the groin

Looks like that hurts-having your cock tugged on, and taking a hard knee right to groin!  How are your balls feeling?  Maybe you should have done a better job, and your boss wouldn’t have wanted to bust your balls-who knows you might become her personal ballbusting employee!  You always thought she was bitch, but you had no idea she was a femdom ballbusting bitch!

Hot babe kicks you right in the balls

BallBusting Bitch

OMG is this bitch hot-long and lovely blonde hair, pretty face, wearing tight black leggings, and top.  Her super sexy high heel black pumps!  And her legs look long, lean, and strong!  Just what you want in your ballbusting bitch isnt it!   She will have you on your knees, begging for another hard blow to your groin!  She will grab and squeeze your cock and balls, and then if you are good boy, she force you to cum after all of that CBT!   You know you want more and more of the babe! even if it is CFNM Ballbusting

Bustingballs is what Bitches Do!

These hot bitches have huge smiles on their faces as they bust the ball of this fat loser Barefoot Ballbusting!  Wearing stockings this babe is going to do some serious nutbusting, dont you think!  And both bitches look fucking hot in their ballbusting lingerie!  While the fucking losers stands there and takes groin kicks!

Ballbusting Blondes and some hard knees to the groin…

Two babe bitches kick and knee a fucking loser right in the cock and ball for a serious ballbusting!

What a pretty pair of ballbusting bitches, dont you think…Their pretty long blonde hair, their super sexy outfits!  And high heeled shoes…I think the ballbusting victim is in for some serious hardcore action.  The hot femdoms have one thing on their mind, and that is to destroy his cock and balls…Hard kick after hard kick…Slamming their knees right into his groin.  I wonder what his tolerance for pain is…Lets hope it high, because this looks to be one brutal ballbusting scene…Dont miss a bit of the CBT action in this one!    Shay Hendrix amd Krystal Niles are every mans CFNM dream in this little clip~

2 femdom ballbusting bitches

These bitches are hot!  Look at them dressed in stockings and lingerie walking all over the losers cock and balls!  He gets some hot ballbusting from these femdoms!  Hard directs kicks to his cock and balls!  They sure look like they are having fun dont they?

Ballbusting Bitch kicks balls punches cock

Ballbusting Bitch

ballbusting bitch

You can see it in her face, Ballbusting BITCH  It says it all.  She wants to hurt him.  She wants to destroy his cock and balls.  Her high heel kicks, the directs blows to his dick and nut sac.  She is a ballbusting bitch.  The hard groin kicks, are just the beginning for this poor loser.  She has her crop handy, and will take full advantage of it, grabbing his manhood from behind, and beating them with the crop.  Squeezing his balls till they seem ready to burst, twisting and tugging. How much CBT can this loser take from this ballbusting bitch.  She really doesnt care how much pain she inflicts on him.  She is a bitch, a ball busting bitch.  Join Dom Ballbusting, and watch these hot femdoms brutalize mens cock and balls.

BallBusting working

Hehe Put on a few extra pounds over the holidays, now I need to work them off!   Off to the gym!  In need of some post holiday training, this cute little brat is ready for so nice hard kicks!  Ballbusting is her favorite workout! Find some loser to take high kicks right to the balls! I wonder who burns more calories? Oh well she is  having fun and will keep kicking this loser as long as he is standing!

Bratty BallBusting girls teach man lesson


Brats Ballbusting Bitches

3 Beautiful brats stomp and crush mans cock and balls-Hardcore cbt and cfnm Femdom action.  The girl in the silver boots, looks to be doing a bit of gas pedaling, using the sole of her boot to crush his man parts!  The other two bitches are waiting patiently to have a go at this pathetic guys cock and ball!

Kicks for Kip- Ballbusting Bitch

Ballbusting -Poor pathetic Kip is going to get a ballbusting he wont soon forget!  Hard kicks right to the groin! This bitch is going to fuck up his balls! Brutal and extreme ball busting and CBT  Kip is going to get a nut bustin he wont forget, looks like he might even take a few punches to his balls.  Either way, this is one fucking hot ballbusting session, that Kip wont soon forget! And you wont either! She will make your cock and balls hunger for one of her kicks!  Each direct blow, causes incredible pain, and quite sure the swelling of his manhood will continue for hours on end.  Each nut crushing blow brings him closer to submission, how many kicks can poor little kip take?   Join now and find out!

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Ballbusting bitch stomps, bites and tugs on his cock and balls

cute bitch is stomping on mans cock and balls

Poor little asian guy thought he could cop a feel of this cute little bitch…Well what fair is fair, he wants to touch, she gets to bust his balls!  An eye for an eye is what they say!  She  gets the best of him, stomping and kicking his little asian dick-crushing his nuts, scratching and biting his little balls!  Hard kicks to his groin-he is going to remember this for a long time to come!   Yep this man is in for some hardcore and brutal ballbusting!  She is so cute though who could say no, and he did get to cop a feel two!

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Brutal BallBusting

Sexy Blonde ballbusting Bitch!

ballbusting bitch kicks from the rear and hits his balls

Look at this hot blonde bitch, at the bar! She makes this loser turn around so she can bust his balls from behind! She looks so sexy, in her black thigh high black boots! She is even going to make him worship the boots that kicked his balls! This is one fucking hot scene-it has every thing you could want-a pretty girl, a loser man, lots of hard kicks, some gas pedaling-cock and ball stomping and crushing, and some really hard cock and ball squeezing!  Great CFNM BallBusting

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Ballbusting -Bratty girl kicks her loser friend!

bratty girl ballbusting bitch

Welcome to the ballbusting bitch workout!  The best for hot tight bodys to stay toned and firmed!  and  This bratty girl has to keep her cute little body in shape! It would be ashame if she were to lose that girlish figure, wouldnt it?  And what better way than a ballbusting workout? There is none, lots of groin kicks will keep her legs nice and tone! And this guys balls look like the could use a good working over! Every bratty girl should get into ballbusting! It does the body good!  Kick after kick, the hot babe keeps her perfect legs and ass in shape!   And she looks fucking hot in her black boots-must be wokring on her balance as well! Femdom, CFNM Female Domination  Join ballbusting girls workout and get the best hot young brats, kicking ass, and busting balls!  You wont be sorry, your balls will be aching just from watching all of the hot ballbusting acting!