Sexy Blonde ballbusting Bitch!

ballbusting bitch kicks from the rear and hits his balls

Look at this hot blonde bitch, at the bar! She makes this loser turn around so she can bust his balls from behind! She looks so sexy, in her black thigh high black boots! She is even going to make him worship the boots that kicked his balls! This is one fucking hot scene-it has every thing you could want-a pretty girl, a loser man, lots of hard kicks, some gas pedaling-cock and ball stomping and crushing, and some really hard cock and ball squeezing!  Great CFNM BallBusting

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Hot babe kicks you right in the balls

BallBusting Bitch

OMG is this bitch hot-long and lovely blonde hair, pretty face, wearing tight black leggings, and top.  Her super sexy high heel black pumps!  And her legs look long, lean, and strong!  Just what you want in your ballbusting bitch isnt it!   She will have you on your knees, begging for another hard blow to your groin!  She will grab and squeeze your cock and balls, and then if you are good boy, she force you to cum after all of that CBT!   You know you want more and more of the babe! even if it is CFNM Ballbusting

Femdom Forced Orgasm

Forced Orgasm

Man is given forced orgasm after extreme ballbusting  Hot female domination!  What a night this guy has had.  It started with 4 hot bitch’es.  He thought he was going to get lucky, and fuck them all.  Boy was he wrong.  The hot babes, turned out to be ballbusting bitchs!  Damn, the luck.  Each girl takes there turn busting his balls.  Kicking, punching and stomping his poor cock and balls.  Gosh his dick and nuts are gonna be sore after all of the brutal abuse they have taken.  One of the girls turned out to be really sadistic!  After the ball busting, she wanted to see if she could give him a forced orgasm.  She is going to give him a harsh handjob to finish things off!  Squeezing and tugging on his cock and balls,  till he is forced to orgasm, in spite of the pain! CBT at its brutal best.

BallBusting in Boots

Look at this hot bitch in thigh high boots ballbusting this loser!  Kicks in the groin with the pointy toed boots.  He takes a knee or two right in the balls.  Then her girlfriend in high heel shoes joins in the fun!  with some fun cock and ball stomping and crush!  Looks like fun, doesnt it!  Join them for all of the fun!  BallBusting Ball stomping and crushing CBT CFNM

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If you been good Santa will let these bitches stomp and bust your balls!

If you been good Santa will let these bitches stomp your balls!  It kind of looks like santa himself down on the ground, getting his balls busted!  Jolly fat men love a good ballbusting by two hot bitches!  Look at the girls dressed in their cute little Christmas outfits!

2 femdom ballbusting bitches

These bitches are hot!  Look at them dressed in stockings and lingerie walking all over the losers cock and balls!  He gets some hot ballbusting from these femdoms!  Hard directs kicks to his cock and balls!  They sure look like they are having fun dont they?

Ballbusting The Audition of another loser

Im sure this pathetic guy thought he hit the bustin balls  jackpot when he saw the bratty girls he was auditioning for  - They are HOT…Little did he know they wanted to bust his balls badly!  Each brat girl takes a shot at this brutal ballbusting!  How many groin kicks can this loser take, and more importantly did he get the job!  I love the way she has her pointy heel aimed right at his balls – Dead center. so when she applies pressure, his nuts will split right apart, and how she is using one of her ballbustingbitchs friends to help keep her balance.  The girls are just awesome, and in the end they dont care whether the loser gets the job or not!
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Bratty Bitches BallBusting

3 hot bratty girl bitchs ballbust this loser, then stomp his nuts and cock! Brutal CBT and CFNM. The girls look great wearing their thigh boots, and high heels-and each is going to take their turn abusing the loser.  Their strong young legs can do some damage!  Crushing, stomping, and looks like some gas pedaling!  I which of these 3 beauties is the most cruel, the most brutal ballbuster?  Its probably a toss up!

Ballbusting Bitchs New Ballbusting/CBT site for you

BallBustin Footlovin

Not only is this site new, it is one of the best I’ve seen Bryan BodaciousBalls can take the kicks, the punches better than most!  You will lots of new girls you probably havent seen, and as a little bonus-throw in some foot fetish!

Here are few more pics of the ballbustin bitchs and Bryan BodaciousBalls

Barefoot Ballbusting, bondage and lots more by Ballbusting Bitchs.  Bryan is new to the public scene, but you can tell he has been practicing!  Twisting, tugging, and crushing, ball stomping, biting!  You will see it all.  He takes brutal busting from some of the hottest bitches around!  You will want to join today and see all of the CBT and ballbusting!  If there ever was a little pain slut, you found him! Ballbusting Bitchs love him!


Ballbusting bitch stomps, bites and tugs on his cock and balls

cute bitch is stomping on mans cock and balls

Poor little asian guy thought he could cop a feel of this cute little bitch…Well what fair is fair, he wants to touch, she gets to bust his balls!  An eye for an eye is what they say!  She  gets the best of him, stomping and kicking his little asian dick-crushing his nuts, scratching and biting his little balls!  Hard kicks to his groin-he is going to remember this for a long time to come!   Yep this man is in for some hardcore and brutal ballbusting!  She is so cute though who could say no, and he did get to cop a feel two!

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Brutal BallBusting

Ballbusting Bitchs Trampling and Kicking

Ballbusting Bitchs Trampling and Kicking

Ballbusting Bitchs

He is regretting stepping into the dungeon, as he found 2 ballbusting bitchs.  You can see, he is trying to shield his cock, it must be beaten up well.  The sexy brunette, and hot blonde are taking great pleasure in his pain.  The want more!  They continue to kick his balls, to trample his nuts with their lethal high heels.  His cock and balls are red, and swollen, his body screaming at him to make them stop!  But he cant, he is addicted to these hot British ballbusting bitchs.  How far will he let this extreme CBT continue, how much ballbusting can he take?  You will never know unless you Join Kinky Kicks!  Watch the entire scene of this pathetic guy getting his nuts busted, and his cock crushed by the hot ballbusting bitchs!