Sexy Blonde ballbusting Bitch!

ballbusting bitch kicks from the rear and hits his balls

Look at this hot blonde bitch, at the bar! She makes this loser turn around so she can bust his balls from behind! She looks so sexy, in her black thigh high black boots! She is even going to make him worship the boots that kicked his balls! This is one fucking hot scene-it has every thing you could want-a pretty girl, a loser man, lots of hard kicks, some gas pedaling-cock and ball stomping and crushing, and some really hard cock and ball squeezing!  Great CFNM BallBusting

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Hot wax and ball Bondage

It hurts to look at, doesnt it!  His balls in a vice sqeezing them tightly, hot wax dripped all over his nads.  And his peehole being filled with a metal rod.  Femdoms love to show  their dominance over men, and what better way than some hardore brutal and extreme CBT!  This Dominatrix lives for the pain she gives her slaves.


Hot babe kicks you right in the balls

BallBusting Bitch

OMG is this bitch hot-long and lovely blonde hair, pretty face, wearing tight black leggings, and top.  Her super sexy high heel black pumps!  And her legs look long, lean, and strong!  Just what you want in your ballbusting bitch isnt it!   She will have you on your knees, begging for another hard blow to your groin!  She will grab and squeeze your cock and balls, and then if you are good boy, she force you to cum after all of that CBT!   You know you want more and more of the babe! even if it is CFNM Ballbusting

Femdom Forced Orgasm

Forced Orgasm

Man is given forced orgasm after extreme ballbusting  Hot female domination!  What a night this guy has had.  It started with 4 hot bitch’es.  He thought he was going to get lucky, and fuck them all.  Boy was he wrong.  The hot babes, turned out to be ballbusting bitchs!  Damn, the luck.  Each girl takes there turn busting his balls.  Kicking, punching and stomping his poor cock and balls.  Gosh his dick and nuts are gonna be sore after all of the brutal abuse they have taken.  One of the girls turned out to be really sadistic!  After the ball busting, she wanted to see if she could give him a forced orgasm.  She is going to give him a harsh handjob to finish things off!  Squeezing and tugging on his cock and balls,  till he is forced to orgasm, in spite of the pain! CBT at its brutal best.

Mistress Adrianna Nicole Brutal CBT

brutal cbt and ballbusting

Shes is brutal, the Mistress Adrianna Nicole!  Look at the way she grabs his cock with her sharp fingernails!  She takes turns with her talons, attacking his worthless dick, and balls!  Squeezing and crushing his man parts! Hard and extreme CBT/Ballbusting by this bitch!  Leaving deep marks on his cock and balls with her nails-look at the angry delight on her face-she is loveing it!  But I bet he still cums for his Mistress!

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BallBusting in Boots

Look at this hot bitch in thigh high boots ballbusting this loser!  Kicks in the groin with the pointy toed boots.  He takes a knee or two right in the balls.  Then her girlfriend in high heel shoes joins in the fun!  with some fun cock and ball stomping and crush!  Looks like fun, doesnt it!  Join them for all of the fun!  BallBusting Ball stomping and crushing CBT CFNM

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2 Bitches squeeze balls

2 hot bitches brutally sqeeze this losers balls! Taking them in her hands! I bet he get a nut punch or two as well! I do wonder how strong her hands and just how hard she squeezing his nads! These girls are young and cruel, and will show a loser no mercy!  Both fully clothed, because…well a fedom doesnt need to show a man anything, the pretty blonde, and hot brunette, take turns ballbusting their bitchboy!

Slap that cock and balls

How about a few slaps to your cock and balls!  Maybe I should squeeze your balls a little harder, and then slap them again!  I really want a ballbusting work…Ahhh we will get to that soon enough-for now Im having fun slapping and punching them!  Hot Ballbusting bitch doing what she does besT

Nursing his cock and balls along

2 hot nurses at the dentish office want to see what hurts more his teeth or his cock and balls after a little round of CBT.  He is indeed, in need of some medical help dont you think?  And if he is going to have his balls busted, it might as well be trained professionals! These bitches are going to make this trip to Drs one he wont soon forget!  The women seem to be giving a very thorough exam!  They are going to find every inch that they can inflict pain!

Ballbusting Bitch kicks balls punches cock

Ballbusting Bitch

ballbusting bitch

You can see it in her face, Ballbusting BITCH  It says it all.  She wants to hurt him.  She wants to destroy his cock and balls.  Her high heel kicks, the directs blows to his dick and nut sac.  She is a ballbusting bitch.  The hard groin kicks, are just the beginning for this poor loser.  She has her crop handy, and will take full advantage of it, grabbing his manhood from behind, and beating them with the crop.  Squeezing his balls till they seem ready to burst, twisting and tugging. How much CBT can this loser take from this ballbusting bitch.  She really doesnt care how much pain she inflicts on him.  She is a bitch, a ball busting bitch.  Join Dom Ballbusting, and watch these hot femdoms brutalize mens cock and balls.

BallBusting at the Dentist

See the full BallBusting CBT Gallery Here  Ballbusting ballpunching ball squeezing CFNM and CBT-such naughty nurses! They look like they would want to help you dont they? That what people in the medical field are suppose to do! Help those in pain, not be the ones who inflict it! Sadly this guy went to the wrong DR. and found these two ballbustingbitches! But luckily if they do harm seriously the will know how to help him! But will they?