Can we kick him?

These lovely ladies have already slapped and punched this pigs male slaves cock and balls-I think they are now ready for some hardcore ballbusting.  Haha look at the loser little dick and ball shrivel at the thought of a brutal 3 women high heel ballbusting!  CBT CFNM  Ballbusting Femdom

Ballbusting Bitch tugs on cock, then she…


This bitch is tugging on his cock and balls-I bet he gets his ballbusted by this bitch! Yanking a pulling on his manhood must hurt, but he must enjoy it or he wouldnt be there would he?  Its just start of a great afternoon for this bitch, since busting balls is one of her favorite past times.  Either way, it looks like a great afternoon outside to enjoy a ballbusting bitch! The sun is shining-hope he remembered his sun screen-wouldnt want his special parts to get burned!  These pornstart like to do more than fuck, and its quite obvious here!  They enjoy showing off some of their other talents!  Join now to see how your favorite sex kittens,  take these guys and do some serious ballbusting!

BallBusting in Boots

Look at this hot bitch in thigh high boots ballbusting this loser!  Kicks in the groin with the pointy toed boots.  He takes a knee or two right in the balls.  Then her girlfriend in high heel shoes joins in the fun!  with some fun cock and ball stomping and crush!  Looks like fun, doesnt it!  Join them for all of the fun!  BallBusting Ball stomping and crushing CBT CFNM

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Slap that cock and balls

How about a few slaps to your cock and balls!  Maybe I should squeeze your balls a little harder, and then slap them again!  I really want a ballbusting work…Ahhh we will get to that soon enough-for now Im having fun slapping and punching them!  Hot Ballbusting bitch doing what she does besT

Ball Punching Bitch!

Now this bitch will fuck your cock and balls up!  Her tits are almost as big as those boxing gloves she is using for a little ballbusting fun!  I wonder if those gloves are weighted!  Imagine taking a direct blow to your balls with a pair of heavy boxing gloves!  The only thing that will ease the pain is looking at those pretty titties on the bitch who is bustin your balls!

If you been good Santa will let these bitches stomp and bust your balls!

If you been good Santa will let these bitches stomp your balls!  It kind of looks like santa himself down on the ground, getting his balls busted!  Jolly fat men love a good ballbusting by two hot bitches!  Look at the girls dressed in their cute little Christmas outfits!

Ballbusting Bitch kicks balls punches cock

Ballbusting Bitch

ballbusting bitch

You can see it in her face, Ballbusting BITCH  It says it all.  She wants to hurt him.  She wants to destroy his cock and balls.  Her high heel kicks, the directs blows to his dick and nut sac.  She is a ballbusting bitch.  The hard groin kicks, are just the beginning for this poor loser.  She has her crop handy, and will take full advantage of it, grabbing his manhood from behind, and beating them with the crop.  Squeezing his balls till they seem ready to burst, twisting and tugging. How much CBT can this loser take from this ballbusting bitch.  She really doesnt care how much pain she inflicts on him.  She is a bitch, a ball busting bitch.  Join Dom Ballbusting, and watch these hot femdoms brutalize mens cock and balls.

BallBusting at the Dentist

See the full BallBusting CBT Gallery Here  Ballbusting ballpunching ball squeezing CFNM and CBT-such naughty nurses! They look like they would want to help you dont they? That what people in the medical field are suppose to do! Help those in pain, not be the ones who inflict it! Sadly this guy went to the wrong DR. and found these two ballbustingbitches! But luckily if they do harm seriously the will know how to help him! But will they?

BallBusting working

Hehe Put on a few extra pounds over the holidays, now I need to work them off!   Off to the gym!  In need of some post holiday training, this cute little brat is ready for so nice hard kicks!  Ballbusting is her favorite workout! Find some loser to take high kicks right to the balls! I wonder who burns more calories? Oh well she is  having fun and will keep kicking this loser as long as he is standing!

Blow to the Cock

Blow to the Cock with giant boxing gloves! How many rounds can his balls go before he has had enough!  The huge boxing gloves mean she will never miss her target!  And she is hot punching his balls, with her firm young breast standing quite perky!  This is a hardcore ballbusting bitch!