Hot blonde engaging in brutal cock and ball biting CBT

Hot blonde femdom bitch bites hard on losers cock and balls hard and brutal CBT

What pretty teeth she has-looking at them sinking in as she bites her friends cock and balls!  Brutal!  But look at his cock-is that thick and creamy cum dripping from the tip?  I think he is really enjoying the hardcore CBT.  He is going to get bit, to get slapped, and punched in his cock and balls!  Lucky guy!  Join and see all the torture this guy get to endure!

Locked in Chastiy and some CBT fun

LLooks like fun!  Clothes pins covering your balls…Your cock in Chastity-Lets torture your cock and balls a bit more, by forcing an orgasm!  I wonder what other types of CBT this beautiful dominant women has in store for her slave!  and how much will he take! BDSM CBT

Cock and Ball Box CBT and Trampling

Dressed in leather, to hot femdoms ruthlessly trample their slave cock and balls, hes trapped in the cock box!  There is no hope for the slave, they are going to crush his cock, crush his balls with their Platform leather boots!  He must submit to his Mistress, he is weak and pathetic male-he will endure for honor of serving her!  BDSM CBT Femdom CFNM

Extreme cock and ball torture

Hot scene-his balls are tied, his cock in a vice-Let the fun begin! Hardcore, look at the guys balls-the blood supply has been taken from-Im sure the slightest touch to them must be excruciatingly painful! Lets tighten the vice and run the wheel over your balls! Extreme cock and ball torture, Femdom CBT.  The full scene will satisfy all of your needs of seeing someone suffer extreme pain and torture

Femdom CBT and Domination

Amber Rayne has her slave tied up with his legs wide open for her to torture and use his balls as a pin cushion. She pinwheels his nipples and canes his body while he’s in rope bondage. Amber Rayne fucks him with a strap-on while she tugs on a rope tied around his balls. Female superiority and femdom are the perfect combination of BDSM and female domination


Caning your Balls! CBT

Women can be so cruel, can’t they?  Taking a switch to your pathetic balls and beating them senseless.  How could you even try deny this beautiful Dominatrix her god given right to use and abuse?  Thats right loser, you cant!  You must submit and obey your Mistress!  BDSM Femdom and CBT CFNM

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Double Dommed Femdom and CBT

Double Femdom domination. Hot Femdom bitches rule and control their pathetic male pet! Hurting him, humilating him. Just for their amusemnet. Female Domination BDSM  Wearing black gloves, and crops in hand, he experience their pain and pleasure.

Punished Male

MIstress punishes loser.  His pain is this beautiful Femdoms pleasure.  I wonder what sort of BDSM and CBT he might have in his future!  She has on heels, perhaps she will crush his cock and balls, or maybe she will drag him on his leash.  He is owned now, and he will obey his Mistress.

Femdom Torture

Hot femdom dominates to collared male slave.  Inflicting brutal CBT and hard nipple pinching.  His mouth is gagged so screaming wont help.  I wonder if he will end up sucking cock as punishment.  Either way, he suffer at her cruel hands, until she has decided he has had enough BDSM

Femdom CBT

Some men need pain, Femdoms need to provide it! Dont you just love watching a hot Dominatrix, take a mans cock and balls, and torture them? To hear is screams begging to have the torment ended! What fun would that be! Hours and hours of hardcore, brutal CBT and Femdom! Dont feel sorry for these men! They were born to serve a beautiful Mistress! No matter what she wants-to cane your balls, to play with a knife, to squeeze your balls till they are ready to burst! The women were meant to dominate men and give them what they deserve!