Can we kick him?

These lovely ladies have already slapped and punched this pigs male slaves cock and balls-I think they are now ready for some hardcore ballbusting.  Haha look at the loser little dick and ball shrivel at the thought of a brutal 3 women high heel ballbusting!  CBT CFNM  Ballbusting Femdom

Anastasia Part 1

Anastasia has him right where she wants him caged and tied, the slave can not escape! She looks like she is ready for a nice long cock and ball torture session, dont you think! With his hands bound to bars of his prison, he is forced to submit to whatever fun his Mistress has planned.

Sexy Blonde ballbusting Bitch!

ballbusting bitch kicks from the rear and hits his balls

Look at this hot blonde bitch, at the bar! She makes this loser turn around so she can bust his balls from behind! She looks so sexy, in her black thigh high black boots! She is even going to make him worship the boots that kicked his balls! This is one fucking hot scene-it has every thing you could want-a pretty girl, a loser man, lots of hard kicks, some gas pedaling-cock and ball stomping and crushing, and some really hard cock and ball squeezing!  Great CFNM BallBusting

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Hot wax and ball Bondage

It hurts to look at, doesnt it!  His balls in a vice sqeezing them tightly, hot wax dripped all over his nads.  And his peehole being filled with a metal rod.  Femdoms love to show  their dominance over men, and what better way than some hardore brutal and extreme CBT!  This Dominatrix lives for the pain she gives her slaves.


Ballbusting Bitch tugs on cock, then she…


This bitch is tugging on his cock and balls-I bet he gets his ballbusted by this bitch! Yanking a pulling on his manhood must hurt, but he must enjoy it or he wouldnt be there would he?  Its just start of a great afternoon for this bitch, since busting balls is one of her favorite past times.  Either way, it looks like a great afternoon outside to enjoy a ballbusting bitch! The sun is shining-hope he remembered his sun screen-wouldnt want his special parts to get burned!  These pornstart like to do more than fuck, and its quite obvious here!  They enjoy showing off some of their other talents!  Join now to see how your favorite sex kittens,  take these guys and do some serious ballbusting!

Boss kicks you in the groin

Looks like that hurts-having your cock tugged on, and taking a hard knee right to groin!  How are your balls feeling?  Maybe you should have done a better job, and your boss wouldn’t have wanted to bust your balls-who knows you might become her personal ballbusting employee!  You always thought she was bitch, but you had no idea she was a femdom ballbusting bitch!

Hot babe kicks you right in the balls

BallBusting Bitch

OMG is this bitch hot-long and lovely blonde hair, pretty face, wearing tight black leggings, and top.  Her super sexy high heel black pumps!  And her legs look long, lean, and strong!  Just what you want in your ballbusting bitch isnt it!   She will have you on your knees, begging for another hard blow to your groin!  She will grab and squeeze your cock and balls, and then if you are good boy, she force you to cum after all of that CBT!   You know you want more and more of the babe! even if it is CFNM Ballbusting